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17000 Dallas Parkway
Suite 106
Dallas, Texas 75248
TEL:  (214) 447-0636
FAX: (972) 872-8702



  • State Court: Texas

  • U.S. District Court—Northern District of Texas

  • U.S. District Court—Southern District of Texas 

  • U.S. District Court—Eastern District of Texas 

  • U.S. District Court—Western District of Texas

  • University of Minnesota Law School, J.D., cum laude, 1975​

  • Michigan State University, M.S., Mathematics, magna cum laude, 1972

  • College of Saint Thomas, B.A. Mathematics, summa cum laude, 1968

  • Zelle Hofmann Voelbel Mason & Gette (1980 - 2010)

  • Thompson Coe Cousins & Iron (2010 - 2014)

  • Zelle LLP (2014 - 2016)

  • Gette Law PLLC (2017 - present)

H. Jerome


Jerry represents the commercial property insurance industry. He regularly represents his clients on their most challenging matters. Jerry's practice encompasses both coverage matters and subrogation.


Jerry has handled approximately 600 commercial subrogation investigations and is responsible for a number of subrogation recoveries in excess of one million dollars. His career highlight is a $158,000,000 recovery on behalf of Industrial Risk Insurers following an explosion at a nitromethane facility in Sterlington, Louisiana - at that time, the largest subrogation recovery for the property insurance industry stemming from a single loss. He, of course, hopes to do better some day soon. 


In recent years, Jerry has represented his clients in coverage matters arising out of catastrophic losses (hurricanes, 9/11 and Y2K, which, while feared to be catastrophic, turned out not so) including serving as national counsel for Hurricane Katrina losses. 



Commercial Property Coverage 


Jerry has represented his clients in every conceivable coverage context:

  • property damage

  • business interruption

  • contingent business interruption

  • extra expenses

  • exclusions


Arising under all policy forms:

  • all risk

  • boiler and machinery

  • difference in conditions

  • named peril


He has explored the nuances of the past decade's major coverage issues including "wind versus flood" and "number of occurrences".




If there is one thing Jerry enjoys more than tackling a tough coverage problem, it is making a subrogation recovery. Over his career, Jerry has been responsible for recovering more than $320,000,000 on behalf of his clients. These recoveries have been made in a variety of settings:

  • Nitromethane plant explosion

  • Refinery fires/explosions

  • Chemical plant fires/explosions

  • Salt dome collapse

  • Train runs into building (res ipsa locomotive)

  • Sprinkler leakage, bursting pipes

  • Building collapses (windstorm, snow load, etcetera)

  • Fires in their many manifestations

  • Manufacturing defects

  • Construction defects

  • Product defects (for example, exposed polyurethane foam insulation)

  • Fire spread cases

  • Mechanical breakdowns

  • And, last but not least, cases of just plain human error


Jerry has made these recoveries on behalf of his clients in jurisdictions throughout the United States.


Over the years, Jerry has delivered a number of lectures and speeches to mostly appreciative (while, at least they were polite) audiences (okay, sometimes they were there just to earn the credits). Jerry has inflicted these topics on several illustrious groups including the Loss Executive Association, PLRB, Texas Independent Adjusters, and a number of client gatherings.


"The A, B, C's of Subrogation - Always Bring home the Cash"

"What is Subrogation? It's the transfer of wealth from the Casualty Insurance Industry to the Property Insurance Industry"

"The Policyholder - Your Best Friend"

"Wow ... Pictures"

The world of lawyers is divided into two groups - recovery lawyers and those who want to be recovery lawyers. Jerry has a simple test which unfailingly reveals an aptitude to be a recovery lawyer. Hand a candidate a book. If the candidate opens the book, leafs through it and is heard to murmur, "Wow ... pictures", this is a strong indication the candidate will be a better than average recovery lawyer. On the other hand, if the candidate launches into a discussion of the subtle meanings of "actual cash value" or the "period of restoration" ( you know, strictly speaking, its a theoretical period) you've probably got yourself a coverage lawyer.


Experience has demonstrated which group is more fun at tailgate parties.



"Business Interruption - Ten Hard Questions"

"Business Interruption - Ten Harder Questions"

"How to Write a Coverage Opinion - Be Clear, Be Brief, Answer the Question"


Miscellaneous Topics

"I Like Being a Lawyer - Math was too Hard"

"The Three Rules for Taking an Effective Deposition - Preparation, Preparation, Preparation"

"I Heard You're Going to be Deposed - Is your Will up to Date?" 



  • American Bar Association

  • Dallas Bar Association



AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell

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